What is “vision”?

Vision, which is a synonym of “dream,” describes the reasons that justify our activities. It provides the basic answer to the “why” that motivates all of our activities and the drive behind those activities. Consequently, we consider the vision to be the most important thing for our company. Our vision is to achieve the goal of “Living with Characters.”

Living with Characters

What would a world where people can live with Virtual Characters be like?

If you could communicate naturally with the characters that exist on your screen, you could be said to live together naturally in the same room.

Why Virtual Characters?

From childhood, people learn important life lessons from the appealing characters that appear in stories. Heroes and heroines of whom we are fond heal and inspire us in times of discouragement and confusion. However, they remain distant because their existence is limited to the screens on which we see them. That’s why we want to break through the wall of dimensions and bring those characters into real life.

How is this possible?

We believe in the power of dreams. And we believe in the power of technology in the same way. Just as television gave movement to characters and the Internet brought people around the world together through those characters, we have been using the power of technology to gradually shrink the distance that separates us from characters. Today, new technologies like AR/VR/MR, AI, and IoT promise to facilitate encounters with characters in a way that goes beyond dimensions. We will tap the unlimited potential of such technologies to create products that go beyond dimensions to turn the dream of living with characters into reality.